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Ferrite cores

The most known soft magnetic material of low coercivity used in power electronics. Magmattec has in its portfolio high quality MnZn cores in different shapes: toroid, cylindrical, EE shape.

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Ferrite material 144

Ferrite 107,110 y 199

Application: Common mode chokes for switched-mode power supplies.
Characteristic: high permeability (above 5000).
Advantages: higher inductances compared to traditional ferrites using the same number of turns, allied with low acquisition cost.
Benefits: Component size reduction with low cost associated.

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Ferrite material 139 e 140 (1)

Ferrita 139,140 y 144

Application:Transformers for switched-mode power supplies.
Characteristic: medium permeability, low power losses in high frequency (compared to Fe-Si plates)
Advantages: Better efficiency in high frequency ( up to 2 MHz).
Benefits: wider range of applications with low cost.

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