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About Us

Magmattec started it´s activities in the academic world after it´s founding member, the engineer Hérlon de Oliveira Morsch, was taking his Masters Degree at UFRGS Physics Department and observed a deficiency, in the national market, to supply components that could eliminate eletromagnetic interference injected to the grid by equipments powered by switched mode power supplies. The academic work resulted in the development of a national technology to industrialize soft magnetic toroidal cores. In 2003 Magmattec was founded, initiating our production of magnetic components for the professional lightning segment.

In the following years the company expended the product portfolio and the segment of customers, furthermore we developed different projects aiming to produce new materials and magnetic products working in collaboration with institutes like FINEP, CNPQ and SENAI. Now, the company provides a complete line of soft magnetic cores, having among them materials such as: Ferrites, Iron Powder, FeSi Alloys, Sendust, Nanodust and Nanocrystalline cores, having customers in segments such as: audio, lightning, instrumentation, energy distribution and power electronics in general. We also project, create and sells inductors and transformers customized according to customers needs.



To provide high quality solutions in soft magnetic materials and to be a sustentable company for all parties interested.




To become reference in the supply of nanocrystalline cores in Latin america until 2020. To be a source of knowledge and solution in the field of soft magnetic materials and its applications.



  • Creativity, Innovation and flexibility
  • Top knowledge in the magnetic field
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Honesty and Ethic
  • Excellence of process and products
  • Teamwork
  • Employee valorization
  • Security
  • Sustainability


To meet our customers demands and needs, grating solutions in soft magnetic materials by the use of knowledge, innovation, sustainability and continuous upgrade of our products and procedures.